What will you do if you want to be in canada?

It's no secret that we all dream of being the best student in Canada, with a prize pool above $100,000, it's hard to

This is undoubtedly the most honourable round of CLS4, and I am sure that we will all do our share in the dream and hunting of the voucher in the hope of getting the status of Luckiest Student. But how many of us have a plan of action? If at this very moment you won CLS4, can you even start telling me everything you're going to do? I don't think so. So, you have a good chance to get started. And I'm not saying that you should take my advice, but ... you have to take my advice

Shoes of happiness, of course. Anbednant happiness. Congratulations on your victory

The Direct is a random consumer goods hub that you didn' t know what you needed. This includes (but not limited to) 50m Ethernet cables, fingernails, rotary board, and ... shirts. If you wanted to, you'd have a full one

For most, but perfectly reasonable for the tea-lover. That's

With a glass of wine, you will stand in the centre of your dormitory and admire the new painting of your bed. You nod and get your wine, your finger burnt to the sky. "Yes," you say. "I believe that my humble abode was enough, as the saying goes,"

If you do, you can be as happy as a woman in this GIF. But in this case, no one needs such a large number of lamps. In fact, you know what? Don't listen to me. Don't take my advice. Don't even accept the Costco prize if you plan to buy 11 $80 lamps

It's probably for the best if I don't think of any strange ideas in your head. Be free and buy whatever your heart desires, with a gift card of $1000 Costco

Nothing is more beautiful than Northern scales, especially in Iceland. Well ... nothing but

If you don't want to go to Iceland Iceland (why?!)you

Pizza $1000 can be used to buy pizza for a whole class or two. At the end of the day, there's no better feeling than a distribution of love. Especially if this love requires pizza

I'm kidding. Don't do that. It's illegal. Super fucking cool, but it's against the law

Why don't you run as safe as you can with

One of the prizes in general

To work with the land, you'll need to look cool. And to look sharp, you need to buy a tire that makes you look almost as good as Ryan Gosling. I know, I know, but I'm firmly convinced that your professional will have girls and boys with joy, with the sight of you

I just started buying the same color for all my clothes and accessories. Black. Dark red. Navy. Various shades of gray (disclaimer: not 50). Imagine, you know, how you curse your own manual on color and clothes ... and imagine

" I don't care that you wrote a textbook, professor. It's not worth $180. "

Amen to that, figurative female. But luckily, it won't be a problem if you get $4000 to spend on textbooks

An acceptable alternative to Iceland. I mean, if you have an opportunity to visit a country that's known about the excluded chocolate sweets, it doesn't make sense

You will be able to see this exotic dance in some Spanish restaurants or bars. But if you can take part in the dance during the flamenco

We'll pick a prize. We'll give it to you. You'll be sure of how well we know you. Then you'll cry just like the first GIF

After you have finished eating, drinking and admire the sights in France, you can go back to Canada and get into Blue Mountain with three friends or family members. Think about how much fun you're going to fall and something

... and wiretap all this with Sony headphones. If Gorillez is none of your business, I only have two things to say to you: (1) Why? and (2) you are not right

Since the purchase of products should not be one of your student problems, you will have $5,000 in grocery stores before the end of the year. No more, you'll open your fridge, pay for the lack of food, and forget in bed again-your refrigerator will always be filled with food

" Hey, Mom? It's me. I just won for Canada Luckiest Student! Can you believe-wait, I'm sorry, can you say it again? I didn' t hear you from that funnier money store. "

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