10 things that never tell you about life after a second life

Honesty is more useful than lying, half-rights, and pillows. But the last thing is that too many students hear when they ask questions about post-secondary-most of the time, anyway. The good news is that you can expect to be honest here, because I think students need to hear this. But don't be shy if you read some sugar lacunas you read. All channels, let' s go

In any case ... here you are

Who would have thought that the rest of your brain and your body was important? Well, that's true. It's very important. Believe it or not, you can study and socialize, and also have time to sleep. You should not consider your university experience as/or type of transaction. What's the point in getting this piece of paper without making good friends, good health, and better time? Without all of this, it's only four years of relative suction. Better bedtime is the best way to balance your school life

2. The record is bad

Especially your first drafts. But that's normal! You have to accept it. A good record requires a lot of correspondence, and with sufficient modification, your record won't suck. Many students underestimate the time needed to write something just as briefly as the thesis. Theoretically, you can write 10 pages of research in three hours. However, you will have a better time, essay and grade, if you soot your work

Is it a disgraceful experience or a bad memory that you don't live at the moment? You just have to do it. You cannot change the past, much less than you, and should not allow the events of the past to interfere with your time in post-secondary. Nobody cares about how popular (or unpopular) you were in high school

4. Getting started with your GPA = Hell

If you're always fixating on your grades, you won't get as much as you do in your post-secondary experience. To get 4.0 GPA, it's the same thing. Working towards this goal is another

5. You're not like that in class

In the shocking turn of events, students found that the professor had eyes. The professors can see you sending text, sleeping, or observing Netflix class. In addition, they can see what you have written and listened to, and I am sure that you can understand what they would appreciate more

Because you have to. And you might want to, anyway. The food isn't so bad. And watching a movie is not on its own. None of them are going to a concert. Like, really. Being single (not alone) is cool

Dehydration sucks. You can feel sleepy, get headaches, or, in extreme cases, fall unconscious. If you drink coffee because of your daily fluids, it won't help either, because caffeine dehydrates you. You have water on your hands every day and you'll be thanking yourself later

This will help you get a lot of help. Repeat if you need to. "I don't know everything." I don't know everything. " I don't know everything. " You see? Liberace

Let me be clear: in most cases this will not happen. But when they do, you must be prepared to walk in the torrential rain, stand in the way-too much packed train, or even wait for it to rush to class, such as Usain Bolt, running from evil wasps

10. You're beautiful and smart

I don't let the universities change that. If you do what you have to do, the university will not only make you a better student, but a better person

So yes. Don't tell me the SLN never told you. Because we just did. But don't worry, as long as you keep this in mind during your academic journey, you'll probably be fine

* Views expressed in respect of the author, and not necessarily for the "Student life" or their partners

Chow is currently at the University of Toronto. She looks forward to the main issues in Book and Media Studies, while in linguistics double with the record and the rhetoric. She is a writer, a blogger and an avid reader of all things